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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02 Lecture 1- Race & Ethnicity - mike Tyson accused of rape social control and race - afro-americans: experience a special racism - sandy davis junior (famous entertainer) wanted to work in vegas and couldn’t get a job there cuz he was black, frank Sinatra got him in - Arthur atch (first champion in tennis) he had a bigger court, he’d hit balls that were clearly in but claimed they weren’t - Graph of intermarriage rates: >in 2002, only 10% marriage rate sport and social mobility - why are minorities overrepresented in sports? >lack other opportunities >performance easily measured (speed, etc) boxing - oldest sport >bronze age pottery - Byron >boxing favourite of aristocrats (highered boxing and watched it - gone downhill since partly because of poltical correctness - a lower class sport (not easy to endure pain) - boxing attracts top writers (terms on powerpoint) boxing and baseball attract the most writers* - iron mike Tyson >arrested 40 times by the time he was 12 years old famous statement: catch appointment by tip of the nose and punch it into his brain heavy weight champ - pinnacle of sport >from the underclass - given “leeway” >excuse/neutralize/tolerate deviance boxers are the best trained athletes in the world heavyweight champions have been deviant and given a lot of leeway, have tolerated this because they are somehow special - afro-american champs >created ambivalence >create fear and increased social control >not allowed to fight white >slave owners used them >if they won enough fights, theyd release them (had too much injury after they were freed) - jack Johnson >first heavy weight champ >before WWI tommy burnes was champion, competed with him but stopped because they didn’t wanna black guy beat a white guy >he was arrogant >had to fit white culture if they were boxers, but jack didn’t >making mockery of white fighters >married 3 white women, 1910 >stopped by a cop and given a ticket, paid it at the spot, he gave him twice the money and said hes coming back tomorrow >started looking for the great white hulk that could compete against him >fought james Jeffries, big, 7 ft tall, but couldn’t move >after him, go about 30 years before blacks get any title, weren’t given chance >used him to express danger of having a black successful man - joe Louis >1914-1981 >strongest punch ever >fight once a month, very often >beat them quick >raised money for war effort >good boy, never swore, dated white women, humble, >called “brown bomber” >beat mack shmelly, german champ, lost first fight and beat shmelly in one round, cracked his ribs >went broke, wasn’t too smart >money was stolen, >owed IRS money and they went after him, ended up working up as baggage boy at hotel, started fighting again at 40 but was beat >complete opposite of jack Johnson >trained to act white, fit what was tolerated - Floyd Patterson >had a glass jaw and when they found out he was finished >became white mans fighter - sonny liston >criminal, poor >so poor that the first time he ever ate well was in prison >champ before ali, ali beat him >called the “bear” >won most of his fights like Tyson >intimidated them before the fight - ali >a loud arrogant big mouth >didn’t want to carry white mans name after he converted to islam, was hated by white in usa >ended up going to jail for not wanting to go to Vietnam >”I aint got nothing against no vietkong” >took away his fighting license and passport (couldn’t leave) >was gonna have a fight with will chamberlain (world best basketball player), was gonna get him 7 billion bucks, - Gerry cooney > looking for “great white hope” >larry homes never on the cover of magazine sports illustrated (alis training partner, better than gary) - rubin “hurricane” carter > 20 years in jail (wrongfully convicted triple murder), thrown out by US supreme court, knew he had been convicted with no evidence afro-americans and social control - Clarence Thomas and anita ill - Michael Jackson (ungar referring to earlier cases) - Rodney king - OJ Simpson - Kobe Bryant *ad of united colours, picture, pulled after one day social control and race (moving away from sports) - graph of homicide rates for different groups, 1995 “murder victims: homicide rates per 100,000 population” >56.3 for black male (homicide rates per 100,000 people) black males are the most common victims, US is 12% black >7.8 whit males >11 black women - jail US >1/3 afro-american men in prison parole, or probation - police racial profiling >typical scenario: driving car and stopped, particularly in nice car if you’re black >blacks complain they cant get taxis, taxi drivers used to be heavily black >now theyre uncontrolled (so many immigrants working) afro-americans and music - the “good” and “acceptable” black - series in 40s-50s of black music genres that lead to rock (rhythm and blues, gospel music, some country and western) - two audiences (white music and black music) - white singers make money with it - first white: elvis, gospel singer, mixed black and white music and became famous - white singers “do” black music - mowtown - Michael Jackson - Rap *whites taking credit gets better definitions and applications - race >little/no biological or genetic basis left >exist because people treat “races” as different (example: a social construction) >recognized 40 gradations of skin colour in mexico - ethnic groups > descendants of the same ancestors >share common cultural traits >interact together and aware of their own ties >seek to define membership and maintain boundaries >are re
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