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Lec 12 NOTE : Unedited version of Lecture Open cults Open cults – they don’t offer worldly redemption (salvation ). They promise salvation in this world. They don’t severe demand on followers. You can con’t seeing ur family, friends & others. One of this cult is TM . Transdental meditation – roots in yoga. Be emotionally calm. Talks more about this world. You recite a mantra. It’s only ur world. U have to pick ur mantra & it can be kept private. Goal is to achieve trans stage. Salvation is to achieve altered state of consciousness. This means you achieve ultimate relaxation. You don’t get help from ur friends. This also you to achieve potential in life. Other open cult is called Arica. It is meditation. You achieve state of enlightenment about state of reality. Psychosynesis- based on modern psychology. New age psychology. Idea is to achieve pure self awareness. This is truth. Psychosynesis- individual is studied both as an individual and soul ( animism religion connection). This has been passed down to modern age. another open cult is scientology. Two famous practioners were John Travolta and Tom Cruise.lesser known person is Isaac Hayer. An open cult known as Falum Gong has million of supporter in China. Salvation here is woldly. Tony Robbins- he had personality makeover. Buy my DVD and follow lesson and u can become brand new person. He was charismatic guy. Close Cults They are called deviant fom of world religions. Branches of world religions. They are absolutely new creations. Close cult insist on absolute and complete submission and obedient. They are not flexible like open cult. They stress in doctorition into the cult. They don’t wan t u to be critical. They want u break off ties with old friends, family (unless they join the cult). And this give close cult greater power to control. These pple are called the great unwashed. Early chistians use to call these to non believer (dirty) or perfane multitude ( non believers or unbelievers). One of most striking demand was that they want ur money. Some refer to this cult as “brain washed”. There is some truth to this. It start breaking down resistance to accept cult. How they do that? You surround only by cult mem and they control every aspect of ur life. Cult will give u meticulous order every particle of ur existence.mem works for the cult. They are exploited by cult. They keep u semi exostid. This way resistance to new ideas crumble. You keep them awake and pple some crumble. Open cult whose mem work really hard is Heri Krishna. Moonies – they like to have mass marriage. Sung Yung Moon is leader of this munnies cult. Another interesting cult havens gate – there is a gate in haven. These are often other worldly redemption. Thus close cult. You have to get through the gate. Commets regularly pass the earth. This comment that haven gate likes was called Hale Bob Comet. Behind the coment, there is a spaceship. The way to get into that spaceship was to commit suicide. Where do they exist in NA? California. They made / intergalactic trip to paradise. Another cult Solar Temple. That the way to achieve salvation on another level of existence is by way of mass suicide. They dressed as mid evil knights. Branch Dividian – Christian base cult. Led by a charismatic leader called David Koresh. Early 1990s , cult build a huge compound in Waco Texases. They said end of world is approaching. They stock on rifles, motors, rocket launchers etc. FBI tried to make an arrest on these weapons. The whole place caught on fire. The place burn down killing most of the pple including David Koresh. Another Christian cult, People’s church. The origin was California – San Francisco. His name was Jim Jones. He was a paranoid guy, he took his cult to Guyana. The cult there was still under investigation. Jone said it is time for us to leave this world. He made juice for 900 pple with cyanide. Jim jones told them to do it and they did it. Why do pple join cult? Some say mass society as oppose of traditional society. In mass society, pple are anonymous. Individual alone in mass society has a desire to go away from freedom. Fronn call it escape from freedom. Such pple find responsibility & freedom. They can be a part of mem and get rid of insecurity or uncertainitity. Cult gives absolute answers to anigma (existence). Answer to anigma if was clear cut then pple might not ever join thes
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