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Week 1 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

Symbolic Interactionismthan approach that developed in beginning of 20 centuryinvolves social interpretation or social constructionwhen we look at world around us the meaning is not obvious but is developed during adulthood because of learning how to interpret the world through interactions with others called social interactionlanguage is important in this approach little kids learn from parentssiblings through languagewords mean certain things when parents say no it means not doing somethingwhen parents say goodwonderful it has positive meaninglanguage is a key part of social learning and is different form culture to culturethe same word in one culture can mean a different thing in another culturecan mean different things from subculture to mainstream culturemeaning is culturally conditionedin classic approaches to symbolic interactionism looking glass selfidentity is developed through otherspositive feedback from others allow us to learn from itlearning is conditional difficult for learning how to behavesymbolismthings stand for other thingsworld is shaped by symbols eg traffic lights have 3 colours that are symbolicgreengo redstop yellowcautioncolours mean different things colours are highly symbolicidentity meaning and names are tied into symbolismsome names associated with particular causes or associated with othersnames or peopleplaces take on symbolic meaning throughout the worldHutter applied this approach to urban cityurban phenomenoneg symbolic neighb
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