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Lecture 6

Week 6 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

Lyn Lofland A World of Strangerssays the city is a world of strangers simply because everybody cannot know everyone elsenevertheless urbanites can and do arrange things such that there are encounters with the personallyunknown when they are out in public are minimizedtheir encounters with the personallyknown are maximizedpeople try to take space thats not their own and treat it as personal contenteg in offices people put family photos plants kids artwork cartoonspeople in public try to privatize space and turn space into something more personalizedinsulating themselves and turning that in private spaceeg sitting and waiting for a plane people try to make the waiting room into a more personalized space and alienating places with people they would eat use electronic equipment set up listening devices have pillows something more comfortable etcwhat Lyn Lofland says is that there are three general ways in which people that live in the city transform space into private or semiprivate spacetherefore they personalize their everyday settings that isolate them from other peoplethree general ways1creation of home territoriesLyn Lofland defines home territories as a relatively small piece of public space which is taking over and turned into a home away from homepeople spending time in coffee shops are places of home away from home eg Tim Hortons Second Cup Starbucks Timothysfor a lot of people these are not places where they get coffee a
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