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Week 9 Lecture

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John Hannigan

Community Involvement Social Participationsecondary relationships those that tend to be more associational in naturecommunity involvement social participationmembership in organizations and clubs those types of relationship where those people involved are not as close to each other as friendsthsecondary relationships became more important during 20 centuryreduce strength of ties with family and primary relationshipsreplaced by secondary relationshipsprimary relationshipsthose associated with institutions like family friendsparticularly back in era of 50s60s it was seen as era in which these types of secondary relationships took on greater sense of importancethis was certainly the case in suburb as it was developed in this particular eraone of the things that happened with middle class was that people became more geographically mobilethey move from city to city or from one part of country to another due to era of big corporations ie Xerox IBM automotive companiesGeneral Motorsa lot of jobs were not just blue collar jobs working in factories but were little management jobsone of the policies that these companies had were moving these managers around not allowing them to work for more than 5 yearsone of the consequences for being more geographically mobile was having no family or kinthe change from nature to family family went to being more extended more isolated nuclear mother dad kidspeople then embraced more secondary relationships by joining thingsconnected to activities of childrenbecome involved with minor league hockey soccer baseball swimming skating etcthese leisure and recreational activities were tied into what kids were doingseen as importantmany of their social relationships were connected with activitiesmany other things that provide these linkages are service clubsstill find them in small towns and cities outside of Toronto Montreal Vancouversome of the better known ones Lions Club Kiwanis Legionused for festivals in country these were certainly of great significance most of them had some kind of charity tied in would have some kind of raising money for helping others hospitals sick kids scholarships high schoolmusic students etcso had official goal main ideal was to provide social settingopportunity for people to socialize with one anothersome of these still are alive but not as important as they once wereLions Club for example is probably most important institution in Toronto organized sponsors for many things in December would have tree lighting and have Santa singLegionlargely a social organization for veterans was always in cities tended to be more downscale than upscale reason was that Legion had reputation for drinking had become less important in recent yearscubs scouts guidesthey were for kids but needed adults for volunteers to be leaderscamp fire girls brownies younger guysif you were living outside downtown core your kids would become involved in these types of organizationsmost of them were separated by gender you wouldnt have mixed male and female membershipa husband and wife might both be involved in organization but separated by gender
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