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Week 10 Lecture

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John Hannigan

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the power of place Dolores Haydenthe city of collective memory Christine Boyeridea is that space is not neutralthe physical space in the city takes on symbolic meaningthe study of Boston and this is carried out in late 1940s and written up most memorably in 1945 the book by Walter Firey Land Use in Central Boston1947 this was still era in which it was believed that the shape of the city was determined largely by economic factorsorthodox ecology coming from Chicago School centralization segregation successionsuggests land use in the city was largely shaped by series of economic subsocial factorsif particular land use changed because of nature it was result of larger forces in society1947 Walter Firey challenged that and selected four areas in central Boston whose spatial identity is not shaped by ecological variables1Boston Commonsois a big park located in downtown Boston its been there a long timeoup until relatively recently regardless of its rational transportation it meant that was an area you couldnt put roads through because it was right in the middle of Boston meaning roads had to be around itocommitted traffic jams it basically took the most prime piece of land in downtown Boston and ruled out commercial developmentomarket pressures would meant Boston Commons would disappear long time ago because market value roseoBoston city has been growing outwards steadily over decades yet Boston Commons was untouchableono politicians who ever hope to get reelected would vote to have development in Boston Commons having significant roads pass through it to save spaceoin the end they built a tunnel and took a long time and went over budgetosolution was to build a tunnel underneath and direct traffic through an underground tunnel for a while it ran through a huge delay and has been completed nowoBoston Common stays there as it has always beenoit has been true in most major cities all major cities tend to have a major park like this in downtownoNYC equivalent to Boston Common was Central Parkis huge 50 blocks right in the middle of Manhattan real estate in Manhattan is probably most expensive in North Americaolike Boston Commons Central Park is untouchable because its important to people living thereofor people who lived in downtown environment theres a feeling that you need a place to get away a place to reconnect with nature otherwise everything is concrete asphalt high buildings and that is oppressive in Manhattan hard to see skyoso Central Park is important in the sense it represents urban natureopeople dont just go there to look at trees its an important place to go and carry out activitiesoin the case of families these parks are important Central Park has childrens play area zoo for people who want to go out for jogging popular place for concertsevents serves different kinds of functions
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