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Week 12 Lecture

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John Hannigan

NeoBohemia book is ethnographyRichard Lloyd went into cities and studied themBohemian Culturethbohemian term has been around since 19 centurythe originalbest known bohemian area was located in Paristhexisted from late 19 century to 1920s in Paris located on left bank of central ParisBohemiaan arearegion in the Check Republic on German borderthe term is still around and probably if you were to ask anybody under 40 most of them would connect it to a rock album by the group Queenbohemian rhapsodya few years ago the newspapers in Britain did a poll of its readers to try to determine the most popular rock album Queen bohemian rhapsody turned out to be firstQueenmusical based on we will rock youthback in late 19 century the original bohemia was formed and it was an area of artists and in fact the original bohemian Paris was populated by artists many of whom become famous of their paintingsback then they were the starving artists who were turning out great artthe notion of bohemian life suggests a lifestyle with a challenge to the existingdominant societyculture in the case of past where artists in bohemian townsettings challenged the prevailing moral sensitivitythese artists in bohemian area of Paris did all kinds of things that were considered scandalous staying up all night drinking relaxed sexualityback then morality was more strict today is considered more rebelliouslater on there was second burst of bohemia in Paris in 1920s and again art got expanded into artists writers etcin North America the original bohemian neighbourhood was in NYC in lower Manhattan thcalled Greenwich Village this is beginning of 20 centuryit was in that area of Greenwich Village which was originally called West Village that eventually became celebrated in theatrical plays movies novels TV showsin case of original bohemian Paris all these things cultural output that use bohemia as social settingin case of Paris the best reason of that was popular movie from a decade ago called Moulin thRouge movie situated in 19 century used bohemian rock music as what they were singingin case of Greenwich Village there were long series of movies that were situated there usually the typical residential setting was called walkuprelatively low rise building made up of 5 storeys but werent any elevators and if lived at top level would walk up often was a bit savvy but art and music was going onthey tended to be somewhat romanticized in a lot of these things hardship didnt matter because created partywhat happened in Greenwich Village in NY was the artists moved in and chose these places because of cheap rents because artists dont make much money always looking for places that have cheap housing which means bohemian move around following cheap housingwhat happens is that these places then get written up in magazines and newspapers and after a while the middleclass then decides that they want to share in all the action in these bohemian neighbourhoods so middleclass moves in and housing prices go upartists cannot afford it so area becomes cool cafs and boutiques etc
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