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Week 13 Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Hannigan

Shoppinganything that defines contemporary life is shoppingsome sayings on tshirts born to shop shop til you dropthshopping has gone through a number of stages through 19 century internet shoppingit has taken many different forms many ways has been part of history if cities associated with genderthprior to mid19 century shopping really wasnt a very importantdominant part of peoples livesreason for it most people didnt live in cities most people lived outside cities and countries like Canada this meant that people lived either in small towns or in rural areastransportation was difficult in those days no buses subways highways etc it was difficult to travel roads often have deep holes people travelling by horsesso there was something called the general storehave one store that carried everything groceries food items hardware clothing treats candygoing shopping meant going down to general store there wasnt a wide selection didnt have space and capability to handle much inventorywhen it came to clothing you would have to order and proprietor of general store would have to send in order to wholesalerclothing company and weeks or months later you would go to pick it upso certainly with only one store in these communities shopping mostly was pretty practical utilitariananother thing about shopping in case of food you would have to shop for certain items on a frequent basisif you were a farmer this was less so because they grew food on their ownbut if you lived in nonrural setting towns and villages and cities people went shopping everyday was part of daily routinesome of the things that necessitate this was before the days of freezers and refrigeratorsiceboxpeople would carry chunks of ice and insulated and people buy from them to keep food coolthey would have to go each day to do grocery shoppingback in 80s and 90s in Dublin Ireland it was turning corner of shopping at that time they had just begun to put up big North American style supermarketsyou could see peoples shopping habits changing overnightprior to that time people were still in habit of doing daily shopping and there were variety stores that carried vegetable milk etcyou also had butchers bakers fish mongers so would buy meat and fish at different places then pick up breadit was only until recently that bread keeps more than a dayin 1950s and 60s they added chemicals to baking that preserve these bread and not go stale the next day extend shelf life and allows bread to be shippedprior to WWII there is no such thing as bread that will last more than a day so people who didnt bake it themselves would need to buy loaves of bread that dayththere were of course stores prior to 20 century most of these stores were on Main street North America or high street Britainopposition between Wall St vs main StreetMain Stfinancial district rewarded with hundred of dollars
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