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HOW SOCIOLOGISTS DO RESEARCH METHODSLECTURE 1bolded and underlinedSelected terms are the ones Headings are also bolded and underlinedTermsnames that are just bolded seem important BUT they are NOT part of key termsSLIDE 6The attempted use of scientific methodScience cant be used to answer all questions in life but if interested in knowing how the world works then science is the way to go If interested in the ultimate issue then look elsewhereUltimate questions such asoAre all ways if life equally futile or is it possible to lead a meaningful lifeoIs there an unmoved mover is there a GodMeans is there a GodcreatoroWhat happens to us when we dieoWhy is there something instead of nothingoDo we have a soul and is that soul immortalScience is based on empirical inquiries gathering facts natural facts that exist in the world But these ultimate facts are supernatural not part of the natural world so above the natural world some people say metaphysical questions So science is based on collecting concrete evidence whereas when it comes to ultimate questions there are no facts that science can collect Ie Is there an unmoved mover Means is there a Godcreator Again science can be used to deal with that issue the first cause as far as science is concerned isThe Big Bang 137 billion years ago universe began prior to that there was nothingno space no time So big bang creates something Now science tells us that the big bang took place but science cant tell us what caused the big bang you are going to have to use your own imagination your own insights or some people use faith May be philosophy or religion provides you with such an answer if you are interested in obtaining oneExperience and Bias in ResearchREFER TO SLIDE 6 NOWExperience filters our perceptionIts difficult to be objective when it comes to scientific issues Also when it comes to natural sciences as well ie global warmingOur experience shape the way we see the world especially when it comes to natural science Gaming the system in sociologydata centres arent being truthful about their findings thats why data system dont share data
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