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SOCA02- Lecture 2 - social construction of health and disease, causes and consequences of health are social - sick role: sets illness apart from deviance and enables smooth functioning of society despite illness - Marxist analysis- health and ill-health result from oppressive economic conditions - N.A has highest prevalence of most types of cancers due to chemical and electro- magnetic pollution - stigma of illness implies that illness is caused by immoral behavior - Foucault- mental illness became stigmatized in industrial society because of importance given to production economy  pre-industrial societies accepted mental illness as a sign of divine influence - women are less likely to seek treatment and taken seriously by their physicians for heart disease - belief that breast cancer would have received earlier attention were it not a women's disease - ¼ Canadian women and 13% men over 50 suffer from osteoporosis- all women and no men seek treatment due to construction of it as a "women's disease" - average life expectancy for Canadian was 30 in 1831  those who grew to adulthood were likely to live to 60 - increase in life expectancy due to prevention (better nutrition, sa
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