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Sex versus GenderIntersexed babies born with ambiguous genitals due to hormone imbalance in the womb or other causesGender identity and Gender RoleSex determined by your genitals and a genetic programthat released either male or female hormones to simulate development of your reproductive systemGender comprises of the feelings attitudes and behaviours associated with being male or femaleGender Identity persons identification with or sense of belonging to a particular sexbiologically psychologically and emotionallyThe BruceBrendaDavid case determined that unlike sex gender is NOT determined just by biologystBabies 1 develop vague sense of gender at the age 1Full blown sense at age 23Once social learning of the gender takes hold it is very difficult to undoKey Biology is destiny social learning of gender begins early in lifeHeterosexuality the preference for opposite sex members as sexual partnersNegative sanctions are often imposed to get people to conform or to punish them for their deviance if they resist and reject the assigned gender rolesGender creates and maintains social inequalityTheories of GenderEssentialism Sociologists views gender as a part of the nature vs essence of a persons genetic makeup Gender differences are viewed as a reflection of biological differences between the sexesSocial Constructionism feminists conflict and symbolic interactionists see gender differences as a reflection of the difference social positions held by men and women It views gender as constructed by social structure and cultureEssentialismSigmund Freud offered an early and influential essentialist view that human anatomy account for the development of distinct gender roles at the age of 3Boys develop a strong independent masculine personality by repressing the fantasy of possessing his mother and resenting his father into the unconscious part of his personality which allows him to identify with his fatherGirls develop feminine personality when she realizes she doesnt have a penisPenis Envy develops a sense of inferiority She rejects her mother for thinking that she had cut off her penis and desires her fatherShe identifies with her mother when she realizes shell never have a penisWish for penis is translated into the desire to have childrenWomen are never able to resolve penis envy so they naturally depend on menSociobiology and Evolutionary PsychologyndIntroduced and 2 essentialism theory that all humans instinctively try to ensure that their genes are passed on to future generationsWomen make a bigger investment by ensuring the survival of her offspring since she has few eggs during reproductive life about 20 kidsPrimary responsibility to find best mate for her kids
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