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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA03H3 – Week 1 Heavyweight Champ - Pinnacle of sport o From the underclass - Given leeway o Excuse/neutralize/tolerate deviance. Afro-American Champs - Create ambivalence - Fear & increased social control - Slave owners in US used to carry fights against blacks. o Fight to the death. Boxing History - Jack Johnson o After he won the championship, riots occurred. o Whites didn’t like him being champion. o Taunts white men, marries white women. Other Fighters - Joe Louis o The kind of black champion that Americans would like.  He was “good”.  Humble, quiet, dignified.  Donated a lot to the war effort.  He becomes broke.  Ended up becoming a greeter in a hotel.  Became a charity case - Floyd Patterson o Would’ve been a great fighter, but he had a “glass” jaw. - Sonny Liston o “The Bear” o “First time I ate well, was in prison.” o Spent half his life in and out of prison. - Muhammad Ali o He becomes a muslim. o He became loud and arrogant. o I ain’t got nothing against the economy. o 26-32 – he didn’t fight. - The Great White Hope o Vs. Larry Homes - Rubin “Hurricane” Carter o 20 years in jail  Wrongfully convicted triple murder • Thrown out by US Supreme Court Afro-Americans & Social Control - Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill - Michael Jackson o Refer to earlier cases - Rodney King - OJ - Kobe Bryant Jail US - 1/3 Afro-American men in prison, parole or probation. Police Racial Profiling - Racial profiling against blacks. o A black person driving a nice car.  Will get pulled over based on assumption of theft. Fear of Afro-American Youth - Quote: Jessie Jackson - Some Afro-American youth no stake in system o Adopt cool pose. Race and Ethic Race - Little/no biological or genetic basis left o Little basis to begin with. - Exist because people treat ‘races’ as different o i.e. a social construction Ethnic Groups - Descendants of the same ancestors - Share some cultural traits - Interact together & aware of their own ties - Seek to define membership and maintain boundaries - Are recognized by others The Vertical Mosaic – John Porter - Ethnic groups occupy unequal positions in the stratification system. Prejudice - Unfavourable (and irrational) generalizations applied to members of a group o Stereotypes
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