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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA03H3 – Week 2 Gender Inequality - Refers to differences between women and men in the distribution of power, income and prestige. Patriarchy - Male domination and female subordination evident in all social relations. Historical Perspective - Gender inequality older than class inequality. o E.g. most hunting and gathering societies  A male perspective! - Vs. “net hunting” o i.e. women more equal than usually assumed How to study gender inequality? - Women not brought in boats, conquered or colonized. o Not segregated. - Faced legal restrictions o Not vote, own property. o Women needed signatures of men for basically anything they needed to do.  E.g. Loans Can we use ‘job model’? - Women allocated to the private sphere (home): o Men: the public sphere (work) - Women more economic dependence on men o Fathers, then ‘spouse’ o More part-time work o Occupational segregation (pink collar) Occupational Gender Segregation - Pink Collar o Women typically done jobs that involve caregiving, or household-type management functions.  E.g. Nurses • There are male nurses, but people are often surprised at that. Female Labour Force Participation - Female labour force participation rose because of: o Increased demand for service workers o A decrease in the average number of children per family. o Women’s movement seeking opportunities.  Especially with increased education (baby boomers) o Increased financial pressures on families.  Necessary for middle-class standing. Status - Women seen as lower status than men. o Defer more  “playing dumb” o Less recognition. Power - Women as powerless in broader society o Vs. Home (domestic sphere)  Later add Church, charity, voluntarism.  Power in household? Unequal Life Chances - Abortion - Infanticide - Dowry deaths o Honour killings o Widow burning - Sex slavery/rape - Medical/Violence o (US & Canada) Woman now…
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