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Lecture 4

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Sheldon Ungar

Bureaucracy – Largely weber  • division of labour • hierarchy of authority o someone has to command  ex: military , ratio of orders you take to give  Making imperative decisions – fire chief • rules & regulations o university – dropping course, hiring tas • qualification-based employment o one of the most important – o Ancient Chinese beauracies – first to meet these o Laws schools – LSAT o Surgeons & pilots • Impersonality McDonaldization of Society­ George Ritzer • efficient, calculable, predictable o Automated o No surprises o Fast track  Beginning to develop clones – medical clinics, airports, military , McDoctors & McClincs Ambivalence to Bureaucracy • red tape • ritualism o doing things in the same precise way o for 150 bucks, you skip all the red tape for getting a driver license in Ukraine Unintended Effects • “iron cage” – Weber o Cage of bureaucracy • Alienation • “chickenshit o Maximum anxiety for minimum things  Give so much importance to things that don’t require it  Militaty – spit & polish inspections • Bed has to made so tightly – coin should bounce • Soldiers sleep on the floor after readying it for the morning inspection Departures from Efficiency • goal displacement o SOPS – standard operating prodecures • Ex: nurses – a lot of jobs, checklist – look all over, a lot of pressure • Plea bargaining – courts are over-loaded, prosecuter believe their evidence might not hold up • AIDS – blood transfusions spread it,  “satisfycing” solutions o Don’t seek best solution, but what will work o information cutoffs  true figures never sent up • had to meet steel, wheat targets for 5 months & they lied - 44 min o Challenger explosion – en
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