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Lecture 3

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SOCA03H3 – Week 3 Guiding Hypothesis - Behaviour is a function at the social conditions under which it occurs. o E.g. Lack of resources  In medicine Family Hypothesis - Pre-industrial family is extended o Underlies the nostalgia o The reality is more complex - Industrialization leads to isolation for the nuclear family o Is this good or bad? Variables 1 - Births and Deaths o About 1 in 3 make it past five!  Many women die in childbirth Variables 2 - House hold size & composition o Crowding Variables 3 - Children o ‘Good mothering is an invention of modernization’  Edward Shorter, The Making of the Modern Family Variables 4 - Marriage - Peer Groups Urbanization - Movement to cities o i.e. factories Family Specialized - Family as haven in a heartless world  City, factory o Unit of consumption and affect o Cult of true womanhood  Women as its keeper Conclusion re: Families - Richer is better o A theme that will re-appear Rationality Paradox - (seemingly) rational procedures that yield irrational outcomes. Why the Resistance? - Recall abou
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