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Lecture 6

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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA03H3 – Week 6 Crime Control 1. Do we explain deviance a. And assume conformity as a given OR 2. Explain conformity a. And assume deviance (nonconformity) is natural. DO BOTH!! - People can develop “ties” or “bonds” to the established order - OR to deviant groups o Or to both!! Control Theory: Hirschi - Deviance does not require special motivation - The proper research question is not o “Why do some people engage in deviance?” o But “Why don’t more people engage in deviance?” Control Theories - Have strong “propensity” to deviance o Can be fun & potentially rewarding  Trainspotting (recall multiplication factor)  Resistance to prohibition - Conformity due to strong social controls o Attachment and involvement in conventional institutions  “Stake in conformity” • If you want to be a lawyer, you cannot have a criminal record of any sort. Control Theories: Stress - Attachment/involvement o Family o Non-deviant peers o Schools o Jobs o Community o Sports Can Social Control work from above? - Use police, courts, prisons to deter those with attachments to society Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment - Police randomly arrest for spousal abuse. - Find arrest > less subsequent violence o Experiment contributes to mandatory arrest laws - Unintended consequences o Arrest women too Results show - If you have a stake in society: o Mandatory arrest lowers subsequent offences - If no stake o Mandatory arrest increases subsequent offences However: Social control can - Increase in crime Labelling Theory - Contends that social reactions to devia
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