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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

27/02/2014 Sociology Lecture Note Economics What institution is most affecting our lives? - (global) free market - Won a total victory o Virtually unchallenged  end of communism  socialism? o Era of “globalization” Positive Effects of Free Market - Most productivity and wealth ever - Wealthy is better o i.e. California cleaned up its air, whereas Beijing is smoggy - market linked to democracy Costs of the Market - must be controlled or runs amok and destroys society - globalization brings “savage” capitalism o or roulette capitalism Communism and US Market Crash – 2008 - no communist society produced anything in surplus - hence, never enough product to have a “crash” Pre-Market Societies - Hence market not universal! - Much poorer and less democratic - Exchange based on “moral economies” o Sharing o Potlatch, gift giving o Fair price - Key motivation o Status in group Types of Exchange - Sharing o Small scale o By virtue of membership in community - Examples of this today? o Public goods  Water o The “commons” Gift-giving (potlatch) - Give to attain status o May or may not imply reciprocity  Hard to get back more than you give - Destroy goods - Current examples “Fair Price” exchange - Fixed prices o Tradition o Magistrates  Food riots if violate exchange expectation What is the Market? - Exchange controlled by market forces o “invisible hand” - Enter freely and equally into exchanges - Everything treated as commodity o Land o Labour Market Theory - Possessive individualism o Are inherently greedy  Seek to accumulate as much as
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