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Lecture 3

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Neda Maghbouleh

Sociology Lecture 3 Marriage and FamiliesPrevious Lecture 2How Do You StayUniversity for women is most vulnerable and most prone for attacks More than 20 Cdn postsecondary students GAVE IN to unwanted sexual intercourse bc of all the arguments and fights130 students in Albany 50 women found unwanted intercourse by a man they knew Nobody talked about their incidents 50 and the other half didnt report any of the incidents 50 75 of these women continued to be friends with their rapists faced person socially and called them a friendbfsexual partnerMajority of the women blamed themselves for the attackGender is influential to feeling safeIssues of sexuality impacts us greatly as well Homophobia13 commit suicideusually gaylesbian aka homophobia 40 of homeless youthhomophobiaGay people are 5x more likely to skip school 20 more likely to drop out of school 27 of managers admitted to not hiring gay people Love
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