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University of Toronto Scarborough
Neda Maghbouleh

SociologyIIKalpanaKumarasalamthWeek3Jan202014Chapter 15 FamiliesIs The Family in DeclineThe decline of the family refers to nuclear family which comprises a cohabiting man and woman who maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and have at least one childTraditional nuclear family is where the husband works outside the home for money and the wife works at home without paySociologistsfunctionalists view the decreasing prevalence of the marriedcouple family as an unmitigated utter disaster A host of social ills take place rising rates of crime illegal drug use poverty and welfare dependency Legal and cultural reforms are called forto make it harder to get a divorce etc Conflict and feminist theorists believe it is incorrect to only think of one form of family Emphasize family can be structural in many ways Diversity of family forms increases as people adapt to new social pressuresChanging family forms doesnt represent deterioration in quality of peoples livesDifferent forms can improve the way people live Functionalism and the Nuclear FamilyFunctional Theory The nuclear family performs 5 main functions it provides1A basis for regulated sexual activity2Economic cooperation3
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