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Continued on globalization Chapter 9
* Midterm Feb 12, 9 11 am
Material culture is technology, which comes from science
Technology is the use of scientific ideas to create new things
Sea planes were the first passenger planes
Communications technology is another aspect of material culture
Movement of information is connected to the movement of people
Marathon runners were used as information carriers in ancient Greece
1830, invention of telegraph, carried information, Morse Code
Radio moved information by radio waves, called wireless
Ships were used to carry cables that laid wires in ocean, made radio communication
travel farther
Telephone made it faster, and global communication possible
Nikola Tesla, made electrical radio waves, long distance transmission
He also made FM radio, he got cheated out of patent
Marconi sent radio wave from Cornwell to Newfoundland in 1912
TV was once restricted by the strength of signal
Development of satellite technology. Require rocketry technology
Development of internet. Wire used were called fibre optics that can transmit at
light speed
Globalization require material culture
Technological determinism most social changes are caused by technological changes
Transnational Corporation depends on advanced management, foreign labour,
international markets
Karl Marx predicted that few businesses would progressively control a larger share of the
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Overtime corporations would become larger, and buy out smaller businesses
Corporate consolidation big corporations are too big to fail, it would cause disaster
Corporate concentration has gotten very big after 1932
Transnational Corporation is also called mega organization
Wal mart is ranked 12th internationally, larger annual revenues than GNPs of Israel,
Greece, Poland combined
Top 200 corporations combined sales are bigger than the combined GNP of 182 countries
The poorest 80% of the worlds population accounts for $39 trillion in economic activity,
compared to $71 trillion for worlds 200 top corporations
North Korea is one of the poorest countries, because it has no trade
Trade increases wealth
Canada is good at telecommunication technology
Production techniques are globalized, similar all across the world
U.S has highest corporate tax rate, Hong Kong has lowest corporate tax rate
If countries want to attract businesses, low corporate tax rate and minimum poor
environmental regulations do the job
Developed countries are sending their businesses overseas
Developing countries are sending skilled workers overseas
McDonaldization spread of low paying jobs
Global trade
Regionalization division of world, competing economic, political, cultural areas
China (Asia)
U.S (North America)
Germany (Euro)
They compete with each other for more trade
North America is governed by NAFTA, G8
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