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Hospitals and mortality (continue from Chapter 2)
* Spurious correlation
Independent variable: residenceDependent variable: mortality
๎€Cleaning staff (Low, normal mortality)
๎€Sick people (x)
๎€Elderly sick people (x)
๎€Terminally ill people (x)
๎€Injured people (x)
2.The home
๎€Old people
๎€Young people(Low, normal mortality)
๎€Sick people
๎€Healthy people
4 main methods in sociology research
1.Field methods
2.Experiments โ€“ control & experimental groups
3.Surveys, used in daily life (e.g. political polling). Used to gain some knowledge and
ability in doing this kind of research
๎€Interval data is when the # represents actual reality
๎€One-to-one correspondents between # and what we are measuring is arbitrary
(random) e.g. collecting data on income
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