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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

lec 3 globalizatoin to be continued1272012 63900 AM Economic globalizationThe regionalization of world trade y Steven jobs when hes back to apple he find that apple has two month of inventory on hando He cut it down to two days inventory this is close to the just in time inentorybut still not good enough as compared with the inventor japanese o Inventory is pioneered by the Japanesey Flexible workforces o Employees sensitive to quality of productChecked by xx employ so the company knows who to blame when the product goes wrong TQMtotal quality management Japansese pioneeredthis Unionism Resist TQM beucase it requires workers to cooperate with the management teamnormally ppl unionsm prefer to keep the barrier as they are in the management level and prefer to keep a distance from the working classWorker management stigmawhen you have flexible workforcesy Electronic surveillanceo Employers put cameras in washrooms to keep an eye on youo You are watchedpanopticonThe design of early prisonso Reason you behave better when you know you are being watchedo AWTactual working timeA form of electronic surveillanceSay a employee is typing some data into computer sitting at a terminal then the AWT is to put software into the computer to keep track of how long you work and when you stop Political left argues that the economical globalizationerose the power of national goermenty So the financial undermines the nation statey Not accountable to workersy This is an arguemtn more on the lefty National government lose power to international capital such as free tradey Once upon a timenational goerment can protect domestic industry o In Canada we had textile industry and shoe industry before but now they are gone Because free trade means import duties cant be put on the import goods o Free trade opposite to protectionism protect homemade industryo Free trade lead to cheaper import goods y Enviroemental regulations o Too many envionr laws cost to mucho In mexico well known for lacks environ laws o If wage is too high then a company will sayif you dont scale back your menemployee then well go else whereo Lots of pressr on trade unionsy Workplace safety laws o If its too safe then it cost moneyo In Canada workerso National decision making has move from pol insititi nto economical instituitiono NY Tokyo and London are the 3 big financial instituition for investmento National loyalty Microsoft gave its orders to oversease workersy Nasty capitalismo Ppl on the left dislike capitalismas they are many communistsy International trade lowers prices for consumers o Hence you have places like walmart major retailerso Transnationals are beyond control
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