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Lecture 1 Notes (along with Powerpoint Notes)

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

LECTURE 1How Socialists Do ResearchJanuary 12 2012 y Increased plagiarism is a consequence of the spread of the web and the growing view that everything on it is public and therefore does not have to be cited that view is wrongScience and Experience y Single biggest problem for sociological research is that experience filters our perceptions y Experience helps us determine how we perceive reality and influencesWhat patterns we see and Whether we can even see the patterns y The reallife experiences and passions of sociologists motivate much research y Modern world is dominated by science and its child which is technologySteve Jobs a technology guy y Technology comes from sciencey New Kids on the Blocksocial sciences sociology psychology political science etc y Sociology is obtained by researchy Scientific approach cant answer all questions about life y Science cant handle ultimate questions1 Is it possible to live a meaningful life or are all ways of living equally futilescience has no answer2 Is there an unmoved mover is there a firstcause of the universescience has no answer3 What happens to us when we diescience has no answer4 Why is there something instead of nothingscience has no answer5 Do we have a soul and is that soul immortalscience has no answery Religion deals with or addresses ultimate questions and science deals with factual questions or empirical questions y Empirical questions presents evidencey When science talks about a firstcause the Big Bang Theory about the universe it can y Before the Big BangSteven Hawkins says that prior to the Big Bang nothing existed however it is illogical to say that something comes from nothing y Religion says that the firstcause that something is Godreligion says this is what came before the Big Bangy Science is based on experienceexperience shapes our perceptions experience determines how we see reality experience tells us what patterns we see in the world By experience we mean culture Filtering Stages in Research y There are four stages to filtering in sociological research
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