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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes (along with Powerpoint Notes)
Lecture 2 Notes (along with Powerpoint Notes)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

LECTURE 2Globalization y The idea of McDonaldization extends Webers concept of rationalization the application of the most efficient means to achieve given ends see Chapter 3 Culture y Because of McDonaldization says Ritzer the values of efficiency calculability and predictability have spread from North America to the entire planet and from fastfood restaurants to virtually all spheres of lifeIndicators of Globalizationy TABLE 91 on p 249Indicators of Globalization 19822006y 1981 Sources Internet Software Consortium 2007 Union of International Associations 2001 2007 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 2007 xv United Nations World Tourism Organization 2007a 2007b 2 y Investment is now global internet use is another indicator of globalizationy Marshal McLuhan was a communications guru an experthe gave the term Global Villagethe globe today has many similarities of the village society meaning the world is parochialthat people who grow up in the village dont know anything beyond the village from where they live y Peter Laslettthe World We Have Lost meaning that weve lost the medieval England the longest trip people made in their lifetime was 5 miles in medieval England and that world is goney Material culture economic activity the increase in production and political institutions has increasingly has become global as well as economic institutions y The argument is that these three variables independent variables influence the dependent variable symbolic culture the world is headed towards a single symbolic culturey The independent variables are linked to each other and produce the single symbolic culture Global Communications y Transportation technology Land humans first evolved in Africa and then migrated across the globe how They walked by foot taking thousands of years animals enhanced human power
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