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New Topic: Work James Hanson said dictatorship is preferred over democracy in things like environmental movement Dictatorships use show trials to frighten the public, the result of the trial is predetermined Economy organize production, distribution, exchange of goods and services Productivity amount of produced for every hour worked Markets regulates exchange of goods and services Supply and demand govern and regulate prices Staples resources Division of labour specialization of work tasks The more specialized the work tasks in a society, the greater the division of labour Elaborated divisions of labour is associated with wealth 3 sectors of economy 1. Primary (agriculture) 2. Secondary (manufacturing) 3. Tertiary (service) 3 revolutions in work Agriculture revolution began 10000 years ago, people domesticated crops and animals, productivity increased Industrial revolution began 220 years ago, technological innovations, machines replaced people th Postindustrial revolution 20 century, de-industrial revolution in first world countries, service industries took over Wheel rights people who looked after large industrial equipments with wheels People that work in agriculture declined as industrial revolution came into effect 1820 to 1860, industrial production increased by 300%
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