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1st Lecture Note: How Sociologists Conduct Research

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Mc Kinon

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st th 1 Lecture: How Sociologists Do Research Jan 13 2010 -Sociology knowledge comes from research; have to use scientific method -Scientific method used by several social sciences -Cant answer all the questions using scientific method (e.g. ultimate questions..Is it possible to live a meaningful life? Who caused the Big Bang Theory?) -Ultimate questions: beyond the capability of science to answer, dont lend themselves to empirical knowledge (attaining knowledge through facts) -Stephen Hawkins: states the universe was created from nothing -Past experience filter the way you see the world (e.g. education, class, culture); culture is selective perception lets you select some things and filter other things -Experience helps us determine how we perceive reality and what we see and whether we can see it or not (e.g. Inuit can see different types of snow) Filtering in Sociological Research Stage 1: values
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