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Sociology Lecture 1

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Andrew Mc Kinnon

How do Sociologists do research sScience is attained from researchSociologists try to adopt the scientific method to attaining dataReligion addresses ultimate questionsScience deals with factual questionswhich are empirical questions We obtain evidence and this evidence is obtained using the scientific method Big bang theory a huge and massive explosionthat was trailed back to scientific researchWhat came before the big bangwe have to employ religion to figure out this question Many people get carried away by science and we believe that it gives us the answers to everything Empirical enquiry discovering facts based on evidenceExperience helps us determine how we perceive reality and its influences What patterns we see and whether we can even see the patterns Filtering Stages in ResearchThere are four stage to filtering sociological researchStage one researchers values help them to decide which problems are worth investigatingStage two values lead researchers to formulate and adopt favoured theories for interpreting and explaining those problems Stage three researchers interpretations are influenced by previous researchStage four methods used to gather data mould researchers perceptions Sociological research is not completely objectivethere are subjective elements as well How does research filter perception The image cannot be displayed Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image or the image may have been corrupted Restart your computer and then open the file again If the red x still appears you may have to delete the image and then insert it again Our biases easily influence our observationsand our biases lead to incorrect conclusions Sociology tries to develop ways of collecting data that is effective in reducing bias Two types of sociological studies descriptive and explanatory studies Descriptive can be divided into two parts static and trend analysisStatic studies freezes gravity at a particular point in timeStatic studies can deal with trends and what takes place over a period of time but doesnt explain what happens in the trendo Infant mortality is infant deaths below 6 monthsits a static descriptive study o The infant mortality rate in 2011 492 per 1000 births static descriptive studyo Underdeveloped societies have high infant mortality rates due to lack of wealth and resources o The decrease in infant mortality rateswas due to an increase in wealth and a better acquisition of resources knowledgespecialized prenatal care and postnatal care for childreno Number of murders in 2009 62 murders took place in 2009
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