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Sociology Lecture 2- Globalization

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andrew Mc Kinnon

Descriptive trends y A researcher observes that teenage pregnancy has been rising over the yearsy Divorce rate has risen over the past few years y Is divorce related to teen pregnancyy Test the hypothesis as divorce rates increase teenage pregnancy increasesy Conduct research to test that hypothesis identify parents with teenage daughtersy Independent variable Teen PregnancyMarried DivorcedYES 25100 75100 NO 75100 25100Divorce leads to an increase in teen pregnancy This table is an example of a contingency its a cross classification of cases by at least two variables that allows research to see how if at allvariables are associatedAs divorce increases teen pregnancy increases positive correlationAs the independent increases the dependent variable decreases negative correlationStraight line no relationship between an independent variable and dependent variable Spurious correlation when we find that two variables are correlated but the correlation is spurious its not real and something else is causing the correlationHospital and mortality rates spurious correlationWhen you look at hospitals and compare it with the home more people die in hospitalsDo people die in hospitalsor is the relationship spuriou
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