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Continued from work
Conflict theorists, work alienation, theories follow Marx
Self actualization (Maslow), is similar to Marxs species being
It means actualize all of our potentials
Transition from craft to factory work is undermined of all work
Creative labour allows us to self-actualize, making the self an abstract category
Creative labour is the product of the actualized self
Creative work should reveal itself as something tangible
Perceptual unity is also lost
Work should not be compartmentalized, which means separated from the rest of our
This separation has no unity (work vs leisure)
Professional work doesnt see work as distinct, it is a part of living
Rationalization Max Webers idea
Can be found in art and music
Happens everywhere, not just work
It means subjection and enslavement to the machines
Machines control our lives (computer break down, we break down)
Taken place within time (life is run by the clock)
Prior to the modern era, most people were not subjected to time, most people didnt
own clocks
The natural force of life has being lost
Timing work make production more efficient
Rationalization is disenchantment
The rationalization of work is to time everything
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