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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Politics & Review & Mapping

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Where Do I Write The MidTermAR AC223SZ AA112Lecture 6Politics continuedy Multiculturalism came about through pluralismy Another kind of pluralismwebbased pluralism through the internet y For decades David Suzuki premier Canadian environmentalist leftwing advocates closing down the Oil Sands which would be a terrible blow to Canadian economy y The 2 provinces with 0 unemployment Saskatchewan leading Canada in economic growth and Alberta 2nd y Ontario is becoming an economic basket casetrillion of dollars cut in government funds and therefore cuts to universities due to this y Other entitlementsgovernments cant take in more than this much in taxes and spending so much that they end up in debt y Alberta is a boom province because of Oil Sands making 6 figure incomes right out of university y David Suzuki wants to close this down he toiled away in relative obscurity so he went to the web and his message of environmental degradation ex global warming y 99 of all species that existed on the planet are now extinct y Cyberactivism political activism on the net examples of it in Mexico Indonesia China KosovoMalaysia y Democracy might be returning to Malaysia and thats when it sprung up y Social movements have sprung up in these places y Chinas Falun Gong cult few years ago surprised the world with a rally that was organized on the web y Similarly happening in Canada G20 protest in summer of 2010 in TorontoFacebookweb to reach people instantlyy Kosovo early 1990s attacked by Serbia and there was a dissident outside the mainstream Koha Ditorewent to the web to get the message out until Serbian soldiers closed it down y Mexico Chiapas province movement developed invented by the web ZAPATISTAS ZapataMexican revolutionary in 195 y Websites can be set up outside country borders y Can get around elite theory and oppressive regimesy Does elite theory exist in democracy Some evidence for that But there is less in democracy than in any other political systemcan find in many others that are nondemocratic y At one time the web was a way to get around political repression alas no longer the case y Authoritarian regime now regain control of the webparticularly info that gets into the country can now be filtered by authoritarian regimesreal elite theorycensorship y Yahoo Google and Microsoft have cooperated with nondemocratic regimes which allows the regimes to filter out the information they dont like y Regrettably these companies have taken heat for thisGoogle recently withdrew from agreement with the Chinese govt in 2010Google headquarters look up in net in China was almost buried with flowers left outside for withdrawing from the agreement that they had but Microsoft and Yahoo still providing assistance
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