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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

GLOBALIZATIONCauses and Consequences of GlobalizationCommunications technology y Transportation techLand First people walked then they rode horsesWe started in Asia then during the ice age we could walk around then eventually they ended up in NA south America etc Economic growth of trade increase in production etc Political institutions becoming globalThese lead to a new global cultureHindenburg disaster OH THE HUMANITY Balloons filled with hydrogen crossing the Atlantic after this disaster zeppelin production ceased Sea planes in the 1930s carried people Yankee Clipper one of the first to do this Took 18 hoursAir technology with jet engine developed during WWII Sonar created to locate submarines underwater also Radar and TVCommunications Technology Greeks communicated with runners the IncaThen by way of animal the Pony ExpressSemaphore communication communication by flags Mechanical telegrams invented by Claude Chappe Telegraph strung up wires sent messages thru Morse code Government bails out multimillion dollar companies because they are too important and hire too many people to fail Steve Jobs Board of directors got rid of him and then replaced him as the CEO Chief executive officer When the company had a really bad time after Jobs left He started a new company named Next and he also started Pixar The lightest touch Everything you touch turn to gold
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