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Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02 Lecture 2 Jan 15 2009 Brym Chapter 11 Gender inequality grasping the amount of inequalityexplaining itGender inequality refers to differences between women and men in the distribution of power income and prestigePatriarchy male domination and female subordination evident in all social relationseg political economic familial and informal everyday behaviourHistorical perspective gender inequality older than class inequalityeg most hunting and gathering societies a male perspective They did the hunting protecting basically everything that was critical for survival Vs net hunting eg women more equal than usually assumed they chased mammoths with nets and killed the animal they argue that womens role in hunting was diminished because evidence like nets dont survive over hundreds of yearsHow study gender inequality women not brought in boats conquered or colonizednot segregated faced legal restrictions could not vote own property have a credit card or car loan When rapes occurred back then women were to blame for itCan we use job model women allocated to the private sphere homemen were in the public sphere women more economically dependant on menfathers then spousemore parttime workoccupational segregation pink collarFemale labour force participation graph labour force participation increased over the years now almost equal to menOccupational gender segregation women in the paid labour force typically do jobs that involve care giving or house holdingtoe management functions occupational sex segregation has decreased somewhat since the 1960sEarnings of fulltime workers 1990 table women earned a lot less then
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