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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sheldon Ungar

SOCA02 Lecture 5 Feb 5 2009 Brym Chap 6 Techniques of behaviour control From Interpersonal to TechnologicalFilm on Taylorismscientific management deskill workremove control from workersVs craftsmenRise of informal organizationclockwork organizations develop culturenorms independent of formal structure resistanceproductivity normsrate busters people who work like crazyunderworld of institutionsabotage eg dumping dye in cat foodBehaviour Control interpersonalconventional socialization interpersonal bonds community controlsprisons talk therapies psychiatristsincluding religionPrisons A failed effort the number of prisons go up 6 fold from 19701996 it costs a lot of money and these people are unproductive US also has the highest rate of crime rate but if you have the highest prison AND crime rate are prisons working NoBehaviour Control Technological computerV chipother access codes parents use it to restrict TV shows Work constantly monitor activity like the security guard at homeelectronic collars drugsmental patientschemical castrations making rapists take pills so that they loose interest in sex video camerasimitation security programs Car black boxes you dont need to know the detail just have a general idea or vehicle event recorder especially in GM cars can be used to analyze precrash data
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