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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 7 Mar 5 2009Brym Chapter 9 Globalizationjobs Key Early 1990spanic over jobs Then all seemed ok Now globalization increases threat plus squeezing workersInequality and Development Graph wealth is getting distributed upwards to richer peopleWheel of fortune depression generation vs baby boomersreverse early experiences savage capitalismruthless economycreative destructiondownsizingoutsourcing baby boomers are taking big hits jobs being replaced by machines etc Globalization aim at a single transnational economy spread of a global culture increased global interdependenceTransnational corporations TNC of the 100 largest economies in the world51 are corporations49 are countries the top 200 corporations combined sales are the bigger than the combined GNPs of 182 countriesTechnological revolution knowledge workers at the topconstant pressure to updateRedistribution of power weakened national statelittle power over TNC huge debts unions weakened tooUS14 unionized in 1997Vs 36 in 1945China vs India India is the outsourcing country of the world eg Rogers technical support why Because Britain colonized India thus English is a very concrete language there They also have a very well educated middle class For the past hundred years India has produced the most mathematical geniuses maybe thats why they are so good at computers China is the global manufacturer
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