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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 8 Mar 12 2009 Brym Ch 20PopulationDemography 1850 Pop 1 billion Limited by starvation disease and war 2000 Pop 6 BillionProf shows a graph showing the population from 12002000 the population quantity has always been quite flat but the graph shot up sharply from 1850 What other curves will look similar to the population curve energy consumption changes in methane food production pollution water useHow many is too many The Malthus Theoremif births go unchecked the population will outstrip the food supplyPopulation determinants fertility 21replacement level mortality migrationin and outFirst population explosion tied to the industrialization in the Westexplained by demographic transition theory THIS TENDS TO BE ON THE FINALDemographic Transition Theory Birth rate Death rateGrowth slowfast slow Stage preindustrialearly industrial mature industrialIn the early industrial birth rate is high because they die easily and they grow to support parents In mature industrial when kids dont die easily you dont need twelve of themAlso kids become expensive to havend2 Population explosion post WWII in the Southpeaks in 1970s
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