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Lecture 9 Mar 19 2009 Health and SocietyUN definitionA state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing What could this really mean suffer maental illness inlifetimeHealth is as much social as biological Related to social inequalitiestechnologySocial resourcesLife expectancy parents are good indicator of how long you will liveprehistory 20 medieval mid 20s increases overtime Healthstratification Rich live upstreamToronto vs countrysideo Do not face much of the pollutantso People in Toronto is healthierno pollutants dust use more pesticideso Health care is worse in countryside Raceo Blacks have a higher rate of contracting cancerIncomeobesitybottom 20 5 times top 20poor people tend to be more obese than rich peopleGenderdrug testinginequalityo most testing is done on menaspirinheart attacks o women die more than men in open heart surgery due to materials made for menDisease Ecology we are major engineers of viral traffic but are unaware of itPathways eg dengueDisease Ecology historicalpopulation density rural areas have less than city areasviruses need a reservoir host or die outstepping off a plane from another country we help spread virus SARS from China warNapolean lost in Moscow because most of their men died from the spread of disease1918 Spanish Flu killed somewhere between 4000070 000 after WW1Scientific Control of Disease this Century contagious disease wiped out
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