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PoliticsLecture Key Terms Dull continuityunder tradition things remain the same Peoples last name become an occupation because ancestors have been doing this for many many yearsPatriarchytraditional Patriarchy still exists rule of men over women disintegration of patriarchy attributed to feminist movements Impeachmentequality for the law has posed probable for political leadersClinton was impeached trying to prove that person is unfit for office by republicans on the basis that he broke a law when he lied under oath that he had sexual relations with monica lawinski and therefore needed to be punished according to the law the law applies equally to presidents as everyone else o Rob Blagojevichimpeached by a state legislature Natural rankAscriptionnatural rank comes with your birth Bureaucratic principleschain of command various positions underlying powersuperiors tell subordinates what to do o Competence and achievement determines superiority and inferiority in bureaucracyo Ascriptionnatural rank comes with your birth UtilitarianBureaucratic laws are utilitarian o Rules used to produce productivity o Used to establish means o Scientific management used to determine the best jobRationalsynonymous o Specialization in the division of labour and departments marketing engineers etc o Authority in bureaucratic organisations are specific to the organisation o Life is your own when you leave said organization Volatiledisruptive explosive charismatic authority Species Magnificationspecies magnetismsome people have magnetic presentation of self o The younger the better Political Charisma o Diabolicaldiabolical charisma overturned rational legal authority in Germany Hitler o Mao China mobilized millions of people to throw down their lives for him o Mandella o Ghandi o Castro
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