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ReligionCh 16RevisedReligion and Society Religions helps us cope with the terrifying facts of death offers us immortality the promise of better times and the security of sprits Motivation of religionpsychologicalbased on faithaccording to William JamesThe form and frequency of our religiousbeliefs is are influenced by society and out place in itDecreased participation and formal presence today less people attending religious institutions Religion provides meaning and purpose in a world that might otherwise seem cruel and senseless ex why do we die Lowering numbers of people who attend religious services frequentlyin Canada15 people With the construction of more institutions medicine criminal justice psychiatry religious authority has declinedDurkheim Functionalism and the Problem of Order According to Clolin JamesHockey is Canadas national religion that constructs of collective effervescence Collective effervescencecomprises the common sentiments and values that people share as a result of living together eg passion for hockey within Canadians Collective conscienceshared values through living together Profane everyday world Sacredreligious worldTotemssacred objects certain objects symbolize sacred Rituals public practices designed to connect people to the sacredAccording to Dukheim rituals reinforces social solidarityo Apparently Dukheim found that suicide rates increased tendency for young men to commit suicide during the hockey series super bowl and baseball series o Social solidaritysuicideratesincrease o Dukeim considersthe Stanley cup a Totem sacred and is form of a ritualMarx Conflict and Religion as a Prop for Inequality Criticism against Durkheims theoryconflict theorists suggest Durkheims theory overemphasizes religions role in maintaining social cohesion Secondly they believe region does increase social cohesion but it reinforces social inequalityThe conflict theorists believed that region rather incites social conflict According to Marx religion diminishes class conflict Marxs interpretations come from the past in which it was believed that wealth is God given and is driven by the social hierarchyCivil religionby Robert Bellahset of quasi religious and practices that bind a population together and justify its way of life Canada promotesequal opportunities for everyone
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