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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes (along with Powerpoing Notes)

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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

LECTURE 6Deviance and CrimeCanadians Attitudes Towards CrimeCanadian national surveys reveal crime has been among top three issues since the 1970sCanadians believe that crime in general and violent crime in particular is on the rise TV viewing habits for Canadians between ages of 18 and 49Are more likely to choose crime or medical dramas than any other type of program medical dramas sometime weave criminal matters into their story linesMost Canadian adults and teenagers tell survey researchers that the courts are too soft on criminals particularly young offenders and that we should use the death penalty at least in some cases Besserer 2002 Bibby 1995 2001 45Deviance is any behaviour that violates cultural norms and produces some sort of social reaction deviance is also violating a norm that gets you thrown in jail this is referred to as criminal deviance deviance is the generic concept two types of deviance criminal and noncriminalCanadas Top 10 Primetime TV Programs September 17October 14 2007 Adults 1849 Juvenile delinquencytheyre treated differently than adults different set of laws are applied juvenile crime is seen as being serious because it can lead to a life of crime someone can become a persistent offenderthis is why rehab is applied to many casesIf you put juvenile offenders with adult offenders they get taught on how to be successful criminals juvenile offenders can get rapedLabelling theory is when society labels you people will live up to the label they will acquire an identity with social labelling and then live up to the identity that theyve been given or theyve been labelled with you want to prevent that from happening for juvenile offenders most juvenile offenders are male and from lower SES groups BE break and enterLaudanuma combination of alcohol and opium used widely in the American Civil War
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