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Andrew Mc Kinnon

sociology lect 3of the 100 largest economies in the world 51 are corporations and 49 are countries thwalmart is the worlds 12 largest corporation it has larger annual revenues than the GNPS of ISR GRE AND POLthe top 200 corporations combined sales are bigger than the combined GNPs of 182 countries the poorest 80 of the worlds pop account for US 39 trillion in economic activity compared to US 91 trillion for the worlds 200 top corporationsHindenberg and Zepplin technologyname of a balloon made their way across the ATLANTICdangerous and highly flammable because of hydrogen gas 1940s first planes to across the Atlanticsea planes could land on waterend of 50s ship travel ships carry bulk size increased tankers vessels are for pleasure cruising communications technologythe rapid sending of information human runners were used to carry messages Greeks pony express1870s carrying messages by poniesspeed of people can move is directly related to how messages can be carriedtelegraph changed itused wire and wires carry a signal Morse code telegraph makes possible the movement of info is decoupled from the movement of people no need people to carry a message afterwards wireless telegraph came first and then radiosends messages without thwire sends radiowaves radio comes end of 19 century at first used Morse code intercontinental NA has problems connecting to EU transmission power did not exist cables all across the Atlantic ocean special ships that went across the Atlantic carried Morse code Alexander Graham1978created the telephone he developed technology that picked up voice waves and transformed those signal into cableNicola Tesla worked with Thomas Edison Tesla developed electrical transmission power could send radiowaves in thousand of waves Marconistole Teslas idea was a great innovator in sending radio signals but Tesla beat him to itthcommunications technology starts to go global in the 20 century radiowaves are shortwavetv signals used to travel from a transmission tower to a travel router transmission towers across CANthey carry the signal from one tower to the next cable comes satellite transmissionfibre optics carries the cleanest signal possible internet was invented by the US military email signals are still carried by cable Global economy transnational corporation are most important sources of globalization today differ from traditional corporations in 5 main ways 1depend increasingly on foreign labour and foreign production2increasingly emphasize skills and advances in design technology and management 3depend increasingly on world markets4depend increasingly on massive advertising campaigns5are increasingly autonomous from national governments
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