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Andrew Mc Kinnon

Sociology Lect 6PoliticsSome definitionsPOLITYthe institutionalized system by which society distributes power sets the agenda for society and hence makes decisions in that regardPOWERthe ability to achieve desired goals despite resistanceGOVERNMENTa formal organization that directs the political life of societyAUTHORITYpower which people acceptsee as justified rather than coercedCOERCIONforce and power exercise of power in the business of governmentThe state and civil societypolitical sociology mainly concerned with institutions that specialize in exercise of power and authority the STATEcomprises institutions that formulate and carry out countrys laws and public policiesin performing these functions the state regulates citizens in CIVIL SOCIETYor private spheres of life Max Webersays power becomes legitimized then becomes authority What is Politics Key termspolitics is a machine that determines who gets what when and how Lasswell 1936POWERthe ability to control others even against their willfuels the machineuse of power sometimes involves forcewhen most people basically agree with how political machine is run raw power becomes AUTHORITYwhich is legitimate institutionalized powerpower is LEGITIMATE when people regard its use as morally correct or justifiedpower is INSTITIONALIZED when norms and statuses of social organizations govern its usestate of emergency when country is attacked use those emergency powers to mobilize a defence most societies try to achieve legitimacy or seek power into authority RULE OF SUCCESSIONwho runs the power after it is gone power is intoxicating election is a legitimate routine to lend authority to another Max Weber and authority how is power transformed into authority Weber says throughout history this has happened in 3 ways 1Way of traditiontraditional authoritytribal or feudal the norm in tribal and feudal societies and involves rulers inheriting authority through family or clan ties right of family or clan to monopolize leadership is widely believed to derive from the will of god not always the son Queen Elizabeth only heir preindustrial premodern respect for long standing customs golden chain made by Godmy ancestors did it this way so i will too traditional monarchy today is constitutional monarchy where king and queen does not have power just wealth monarchy in the past got this legitimacy got its right from the divine rights of kingsGods representation begins to break down with modernization secularization say to a secularist the divine rights of king they think you are kidding industrialization with modern era more diversity of worldview democracy institutionalizes differences of opinions religious toleration as cultural diversity sets in tradition no longer works no agreementstradition leads to rationallegal authority rationallegal start herein the modern worldPM in CAN dont claim to rule by the graves of God so no tradition tradition does play a minor role in our politics PM recommends someone to the queen but does not have to do with tradition could agreedisagree with choice of governor general governor general performs traditionalceremonial functions opens parliament also seen in authority of parents over children time of mind historical
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