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Lecture Notes (second half of Religion and beginning of Environment)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Religion Mar.102011 Socio is the enemy of liberty 90% of scientists are alive today Miracle: work of god Secularization: o People are likely to characterize their experiences based on nature (ex: tsunami) o Most people understand scientific mechanisms, they have a natural interpretation of o Lisbon (in Portugal) 90,000 people died after earthquake and tsunami Water shed: turning point dont give help to the people because the tsunami is gods punishment of sin Most people did deliver aid to the people in need indicating that the secular attitude gained o Secularization is not the death of religion religion loses importance o Religion becomes something you pay attention to 3 times in your life: Baptism Marriage Death o Some see religion as a mark of ethnicity Religion is secondary to the ethnic identification o Religion seen in nationality (secondary to identification in the nation state) Secure identification Future of Religion o Religion will still exist o Secular institutions taking over religious areas o There will always be religious revivals o Polarization between people who are religious (social conservatives) and people who are not religious Seen in the United States o Conservative and Liberals: Conservative see the decline of religion as moral decline (not all) Liberals see decline in religion as freedom of choice Para-religion: something that is near to religious belief Ex: scientology European Classification of Religion o Church: Bureaucratic church: pope at the top, priests at the bottom (hierarchy) School of theology for qualification as a priest Rules and regulations Churches are well integrated into society Teachings are generally main-stream, non-threatening, non- radical o Sect New religions that break away from churches (protestism) Less integrated into society and less bureaucratic No school required More radical, separation is based on doctrine or geography Can be separated based on diet, dress, prayer, etc. Roman-Catholicism was an Ecclesia: state-supported religion
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