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Chapter 9 Globalization inequality and developmentThe growth of tourism is rapidly rising Globalization gas transformed and improved the way we live Inequality between rich and poor countries remains staggering People oppose globalization because it may hurt a local culture and natural environment Some antiglobalization suggests globalization is a form of imperialism Imperialism economic domination of one country by anotherGlobalizationGlobalization in everyday life Global commodity chain a worldwide network of labor and production processes whose end result is a finished commodityNike shoespeople working get less money and Nike itself makes a lot of money because they get labor from other countries which benefits them When someone buys a pair of Nikes they insert themselves in a global commodity chain Sociology makes us aware of the complex web of social relations and interactions in which we are embedded Globalization extends the range of linkage connecting our biography with global history and global social structure The Sources of GlobalizationThe main sources of globalization are technology politics and economics Technology Technology effects globalization the most because of it is fast and efficient Moves things and information over long distance very quickly and inexpensivelySuch as telecommunications and travel through planesboats cars Globalization would hard without modern technology
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