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Continued from Religion
As people began to focus on this world, it leads to advances to science
95% of all scientists are still alive today
Sociology is the control on liberty
People think of events less of divine forces and more of social forces
Secularization does not mean the death of religion; it means the loss of importance of
Sometimes religion is seen as the mark of ethnicity
Conservatives see decline of religion as moral decline
Liberals see decline of religion as liberation from historical rules
Para-religion something close to religion, missing some aspects though
European classification of religion
Churches; bureaucratic (pope at the top), system like a corporation
Non threatening, non radical teachings
Sects: breaking away from the churches because it disagrees with church doctrines
Sometimes separation is based on geographical and doctrines
North American does not like the European classification, because it was founded on
religious freedom
European tend to call immigrants foreigners
There are 3200 religious forms in North America
Ecclesia state supported churches
Toleration for other churches are limited
Denominations various streams of belief and practice that some churches allow to coexist
under their overarching authority
Apostasy preaching false doctrine
Recantation is to say your religion is false and convert to some other religion
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