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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andrew Mc Kinnon

Lecture 2 Globalization -the environment is a global concern, entertainment has become global increasingly were living in a globalized world marshall mclaughan he was a communicationists guru/expert in 1960s/70s he taught at the university of Toronto and became world famous global villagethn his book Understanding Media he was seeing globalization back in those days in fact, globalization actually began in the 16 century due to trade people began to travel the seas to trade global village the world we live in today is increasingly becoming like the old in the old, when something happened, other people in the village will know it instantly in the traditional village, people will say the mental horizon (how far they can see, and their way of thinking is parachoial (mental horizon is restricted to this small place and it doesnt extend beyond the village where you are born and where you live) The world we have lost in the midevil village in Europe, a trip of a lifetime (the longest trip people in a lifetime) was 6 miles today we can go further than that in 5 mins wherever people were born, thats where they died The globe is becoming like the traditional village - mclaughan -causes and consequences of globalization causes of globalization: (1) development of global communications this can happen in two ways: a.) global communication by the movement of people, b.) global communication by the movement of information economic activity anywhere is felt everywhere this is called the commodity chain (in book and in selected terms)banks use derivatives -derivatives these things derive from something else people sell debt because people buy debt, and these are called derivatives in the stock market you can make a lot of money off them but they are high risks derivatives based on mortgages were sold on the stock market and because of this the housing bubble crashed, and the consequences based on this was felt around the world these are critical aspects of material culture. Globalization of political institutions: UN is globalization nobody elects people in the UN, so a lot of people are opposed to a global government like the UN (because it is not demographic) people have also argued that global trade has done something similar is the world symbolic culture (language, ideas, values) developing is this becoming global and obliterate homogenization (will we have a global culture that eradicates regional and national differences) -global communications: (2 aspects of this) (1) transportation technology material culture has to develop before globalization can develop at one time we all lived isolated relative to others, physical movement (other than walking) is very limited humans evolved first in Africa and migrated across the globe and did this by foot colonization of the globe took 10s of thousands of years... WHAT DID HE SAY HERE ABOUT CHINA AND TRADING GROUPS?? -long before trades, you can contact China through silk road boats to travel rivers, streams, lakes when Europeans came to NA, they discovered that the best way to get around NA is canoes. Then ships (ocean-going material) developed.. the Portugease led the world here as did the Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, the name of the Chinese boat to do trading is called the Chinese Junkthe Chinese contacted the west coast of the Americas in regions of Mexico and they influenced architectural developments of the Inca, the Myas -it takes 60 days to travel the Atlantic from Europe at this stage of techonolical evolution, the movement of information is tied directly tied to the movement of people today we can send information at the speed of light in those days, information traveled with the people.. there were minor exceptions to these people back then used drum signaling and smokes this lasted until the 1830s in the 1850s, sail gave way to steam and we have faster and more reliable vessels... sail means you have to wait it out till there is a wind to take you somewhere by the time of the Titanic (1912), it takes 5 days to cross the Atlantic to cross from South Hampton to New york loss of 1500 lives in Titanic sink after this era became the floating palaces (1930s-1940s) WHAT IS FLOATING PALACES?? next is Air transportation- this produces a qualitative leap forward Charles Linberg crossed the Atlantic in a monoplane (a plane with a single wing unlike the airplane) he did it in about 18 hours A.W.tricks is a female pilot Amilia Airhar she flew airplanes all over the world she made a flight from the US to Europe in 1932 in 13.5 hours she flew all over the world and shes dead now, she went missing with her plane and nobody found her or her plane at the same time, the Germans built the Zeplins (powered balloons in 1930s). These balloons (first passenger aircrafts) which took 14 hours to fly the atlantic were the largest at the time to carry passengers Led Zeplins (lead is something that cant flow in air it is an oxy moron, two contradictive terms because the balloon floats but lead doesnt) problem with zeplin technology is that it uses hydrogen, which is highly flammable.. there is movie 1937 Hindenburg the balloon crashed in NJ by lightening and that was the end of Zeplin technology they thought about substituting with helium, but this didnt happen -by early 1940s, passenger airplanes (first one is called the Yankee Clivver its a sea plane (can land on water)and it took ___ hours to cross the atlantic) so now ships are on the way out and airplanes came are the new things we only use ships now for bulk transport and tourism and cruises. Communications technology Inca as well as the Greeks use runners to carry messages in the old days -Pony Express (there would be a rider, and a horse, change your horse and ride it to another station to continually carry messages) is a way of moving information qualitatively leap forward (something happens to communication technology) and it is called the telegraph and now information is sent by wire how is information sent???.. morous code now the information of movement becomes independent of the movement of people then came the radiowaves (after wires) and radiowaves are wireless but the very first wireless radiowaves was moros codes -still inter-continental communication is restricted by a lack of transmission power you cant transmit information that far so cables that are carried by ships and sunk in the atlantic to help transmit these information-Nicola Tesla key figure in the development of radiowaves he is a Serbian and he emigrated to America in 1884 and he worked with Thomas Edison but Tesla had the greater mind.. he pioneered and developed technology for long distance, electrical transmission he invented the technology for that and Marconi got credit for it by ways of patenting it was Tesla who invented the FN signal. Marconi was sending radio signals across the Atlantic in 1912 he sent it from NFL to Kronwall.. from here you can see information is becoming global a series of transmission towers are built that make the long transmission possible (curvature of Earth creates a problem for radio transmission because it just gets sent out to space, so transmission towers are important) now TV and radios can be transmitted coast to coast -rocket technology was first developed by the Germans in the WW2, but they lost, so the Americans and Russians captured the scientists responsible for technology of rockets and took them to US and Russia to develop more which led to the Saturn Project one of these scientists: Vernon Vaugn Bron his dream was always outer space in the US he developed rockets in space, and this helped develop satellites used satellites to beam down radiowaves and TV globally -we have internet today, fiber optics and all of this makes possible globalization and all of this makes possible the global economy: transnational corporations -transnational corporationscorporations that span the entire world offshore/outsourcing depend on increasingly on foreign labour and foreign production (his slides) have gained autonomy from national governments karl marx.. he predicted that frewer and frewer business would control larger and larger shares of the market and this has certainly taken place we call this cooperate concentration (businesses become larger and larger).. what happens is successful businesses take over unsuccessful businesses and become largerand we get corporate TWO PEOPLE wrote: The Morton Corportaion , 1932 they document corportate concentration way back then -most successful automobile country are the Japanese we have seen a transnational we can call this the Mega corporation (Roller ball. these giant trans-national corporations will take over the world prlly not because political power is still greater) Walmart is the 12 largest corporation in the worldhas more revenue than the GMP of Israel, Polland, Greece -Walmart imports most of its goods from China most people in the States wanted to put off these trades so that they develop domesticallywhen companies tried to protect their own countries like this, it caused the Great Depression in the 1930s to last even longer called the Kitty trade is good to economic growth. Obama just introduced a trade-barrier against Japanese Tires lets see what that does in future times -top 200 corporations have greater revenue than the GMP of 182 countries these corporations have tremendous economic power lecture 3 globalization (continuation from lecture 2) -transnational corporation mega (so big) have more financial and economic power than many countries -multinational (a corporat
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