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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

SOCA02 Lecture 07EducationToday world is MASS EDUCATION In traditional societyreligion wasis the main source of knowledge this is being taken over by education systemnd Education is 2 greatest social agentcomes after familyo May people do say in today society education is trying to replace parents ie may education agent teacher call themselves coparentparents complain about thiseg in this schoola kid draw gunteacher freaked outand called another patarchiis what they used to call a burecartic in soviet unioninvolved the cop found a toy gunnow there is lawsuit by the familymany times lawyers do this called pro bono casesdo them for free because it inovles impt instances of law mass educational system is fairly recentisstill reserved for wealth countries 300 yrs ago illiteratemost people were illteratethere was no school Nowin Canadathe literacy rate is 99keep in mind literacy rate consider is not the same level of that universityis just ability to read at primitive level and understand so around gr8just enough to get by is literacyEducation provided UNIFORM SOCIALIZATION religion tend to isolate people from surrounding community but not so w educationEducation has become rationalizedcentralized strong pressure for uniformity standardization many people oppose this eg in USA there is strong homeschool movement dont like their kids taught by mass educational system so many parents will school their children at home because they dont like what the schools are teaching Mass education is especially important in primaryhigh school where the curriculum is established by patarshiaka bureaucrats in school board ovs university which have somewhat of academic freedomso what isbeing taught is decided by instructorwill decide what text to usewhat lecture to givethis is old privilege that goes back hundreds of years in the common law tradition Chief main concern of sociologically interest in education iswhat is taught is school How the changes in economy relates to changes in education and how economy changes educationo Eg Steve Jobbusiness revolution Steve Wozniakin terms of technologythey were part of the flower power generation smoke lot dope etc changed educational systemusing Apple aptscomputerhow this economic changed educationeducation have become heavily computerized Apple is largest corporation in the world worth half trillion dollar 4 isteve jobs did that This how economy influence educationo Other way aroundHow education influenced economyeg WatsonKirkin biologyconstructiondiscovery of double helix DNA bookdouble helix Anddiscovery of MDMA genetic discovery ynew field w genetic engineering companies2 approach to educationFunctionalist vs Conflict approach theory to Educationthey contrast nicely pretty much Equality vs Inequality as big Qdoes education promote equality or inequalitythis is big QsFunctional Approach Looks at achievements Generally see education as being based on meritocracy it meansjudged on meritsabilityis done by objective tests based on meritocracyevaluate based on this or achievements o So education system is Meritocracythey evaluate people on basis of their merits achievementsAscription is much more important for CONFLICT theory than for functional funtionalist dont focus on thisth Functionalism goes long waygoes back to French sociologist of 19 centuryCombe who is early functionalistand Spenceran Englishmen whoalso early functionalistand Parasons is th20 century Americanearly functionalist o they develop the functional theory ofeducation comes form their theories o all of them Say education is functional to societyitmakes positive contribution to societybecause it integrates societal members into functional whole so education make society as wholeConflict approach Challenges functionalist viewthey argue that economic barrier filter on the basis of a persons ability to pay Some jobs require academic credentialsthese credentials are questionable as jobs skillsfor eg charter accounton the old daysright out of high school graduationCA company will hire himwill train that person to charter account teacher as well from graduationa 6 week course and become a teachero Now its all complicatedneed uni degree and extra specialization training to get these jobso Many sociologist saytoo much reliance on credentialswill talk about this in regard to Randall Collinso particularly from conflict theory point of view many academic credentials are questionable Eg LSAT and MCATthese tests dont predict how well you will do on med or law school or for graduate program need to write GRE for all discipline which was dropped now because its not valid in Canada but in US you still need to writeo these tests are used to exclude people more than anything else critic form this approach say education produce class differences here is basic diff bw conflict Marx or NeoMarx and functionalist NeoMarx says than education perpetuates inequalitycauses conflictso education results in dissensus to disagreeconflictvs functional believe education is functional to society o Conflicteducationdissensuso Functionalisteducationconsensus 2 critical variable that is define in the sociological education achievementwhich are learning or skills that you acquiremay be reflected in grades but not necessarily
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