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Continue from Environment
Donella Meadows
Rate of population growth
Amount of arable land
Industrial + food production
Pollutants released
Projects to end of 21st
Rapidly consuming non-renewable resources
Hunger will persist by 2050
Depleted resources will cripple industrial growth
End of the world scenario
Apocalypse Armageddon toxic meltdown/warming
Other worldly prophecy
this-worldly prophecy
Indulgence SIN
purchase of carbon offset
Deadly sin of avarice SIN
unbridled greed
Christian religion
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eco religion 1. Genesis
1. Industrial revolution
2. Garden of Eden
2. Mass production
3. The fall 3.
Population explosion
4. Fallen human nature
4. Urban explosion
5. Innate depravity
5. Garbage explosion
6. Satanic domination 6.
Energy/CO2 emissions
Misanthropic streak means humankind will get what it deserves
Neo-Malthusians is the belief that growth on earth has a limit
Jacques Cousteau ocean environmentalist
DDT almost eliminated Malaria in Guyana
WHO brought back DDT last year because of all the publicity
Unnecessary packaging creates garbage
Frozen food packaging is for advertisement
Disposability is a problem when it comes to old light bulbs
Planned obsolescence most products are not planned to last but to self destruct
People live in developed world consume 50x more steel, 170x more newspaper, 300x more
plastic than underdeveloped world
Landfill can pollute groundwater
Some things in landfills take a long time to decompose
Plastic bags, tires take a long time to decompose
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