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Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Education Educators call themselves coparentstring to replace parent Mass educational systems we live in today religion in traditional society was the main source of knowledge which has been taken over by religion Universal mass education is recent and still reserved for wealthy countries 300 yrs ago most ppl were illeterat never attended school literacy rate in Canada is 99Education provided uniform socialization regliious training used to isolate ppl frm surrounded community not so education education has become rationalize and standardized In US home schoolingschooling childrent at home bcz they dunt lyk wht schools teachcurriculum in university is decided by course instructor which is called academic ffreedom Main concern of religion is whats taught in school some ppl pay attention to howchanges in economy relate to changes in edu eg steve jobs and steve wozniak lived in Californiasteve jobs was a better businessman then steve wozniak both changed education sicne all of us using PCs sociologists look at how economy influences education edu has become heavily computerized Edu can also influence the economy when we talk abt steve jobs its economy influencing edu Watson and crick the double helixhuge discovery educational research made that change in the economy Functional approach and the conflict approach Does edu promote equality or inequality Functionalismedu systems are meritocracies evaluat ppl on merits Functionalism givem them most promise brings in ascription here and there bt is less imp then it is in thconflict theory functionalism goes bak to early French socioligsts of 19 centure ie 1800s eg COMTE thSpencer Parson19 cent eng man they all say education is functional makes a positive contributions to society bcz it integrates members in an educational hold Conflict theory economic barriers filter on basis of ability to pay require academic credentials that are questionable eg LSATS AND MCATS lack validity is wht sociologists say as they wont predict how well you will do in law or med or managt schoolthese tests are used to exclude ppl too much relying on credentials is wht sociologists say reproduces class difference Basic diff bw conflict and functionalism is given to us by Marx and Neo Marxistedu perpetuates inequality and causes conflict conflict theorists say edu results in dissensusdisagree Functionalists say edu results in consensus
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