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Continued from Environment
First order problem
Reliable and clean source of energy
When a society overcomes first order problem, they start to notice environmental degradation
The cleanest societies are the most developed societies
Green ceiling – point of transition from industrial development to environmental consciousness, after they
accumulate enough wealth
Roman aristocracies used lead pots to cook, and many of them went crazy because lead kills brain cells
Green ceiling is falling because it is easier to develop now since there are many developed nations to
receive help from
Hernando de Soto – he argued for property rights in Latin American nations
New Topic: Crime and Deviance
Devianceis any behaviour that violates cultural norms
Non criminal deviance – not against the law (dying green hair)
Creation of new technology needs the creation of new laws
Criminal deviancewhen someone violates a law
Canadians feel that criminal deviance is on the rise
Juvenile delinquency – treated differently from adults
Labelling theory when someone is given a negative label (like criminal), they see it as a negative stigma,
and they will eventually live up to the stigma
Juvenile commit common crimes (car theft, assault, drugs, etc)
Victimless (consensual) crime a criminal commits a crime but both parties agree on. Such as drugs and
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