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Andrew Mc Kinnon

Lecture 6Crimes and deviancecrime is a big time issue one of top 3 issues since 1970 in Canada crimes is also on the risethe show Copsyou never see any white collar crimes being pursued by this show its usually cops pursuing working and lower classmedical dramas are big alsoCrime and medicine usually combined in shows top shows CSI Prison Break House Greys Anatomytheres a distinction between deviance and crimedeviance is any behavioru that violates social norms some of our norms carry NO criminal sanctions when they are violated ex friendship norms that are violated betraying somebodys trust there are consequences for violating a friendship norm but youre not going to go to jail for thisdeviance is also violating a norm ex the law that gets you into jailso there are two types of deviance 1 criminal deviance and 2 noncriminal deviancedeviancejust standing outside the normsdifferent types of crimes classification system of crime1juvenile delinquency juvelines are treated differently under the code law for juveniles compared to adults they have their own laws you cant ever say that you will charge the child as an adult the federal feds law has set the age as to when the child can be applied to adult courtjuvenile crime is treated with great concern because you want to get somebody off crime at that stage of life you want to eliminate them from being a repeat offender thats why we have separate rules The labeling theory of crimelabeling somebody as a criminal during adolescence can have a powerful impact on the persons identity ex if you label a child as a criminal there is a greater chance for the child to act out as one and become one in the future young people easily accept labeling Most juvenile offenders are males if females are involved in juvenile crimes it would be with stuff like shopliftingmale offences range from stealing cars to stealing drugs assault BE break and enter ex breaks into your house and steals your food and even goes as far as homicide although raredrugsdrug is a victimless crimecocaine used to be legal around the turn of the century even marijuana and heroin opium thmorphine tobacco and alcohol were ALL legal in the 19 century but governments stepped in and made certain substances thillegal in the 20 century but do you think criminalization was due to legalillegal of drugstobacco is the most dangerous drug and its legaldrug is a victimless crime and they are being criminalized for itafter all isnt is my business as to what I put into my body people also relate drugs being a victimless crime to prostitution prostitution is also a victimless crime John soliciting a prostitute John want to pay for sexual services and you have somebody that sells the service which is the prostitute so this is also an example of victimless crime vagrancy if youre a homeless person but where is the victim this is also a victimless crime Gambling is also a victimless crime if you legalize these drugs though ORGANIZED crimes will decrease BIG TIME all of this is also controversial as to whether these crimes are victimless or consensualyou can get all kinds of job with criminology they do contract work for the Ontario government with an MA in criminology ex university of Ontario Victimless crime is cuz they are consensual crime when a transaction takes place nobody reports it to the place the activity is illegal but nobody reports itentrapmentyou have an undercover police officer standing on the street corner and he looks like a drug dealer the person selling the drug will be the it should not be the business of the police to encourage to criminal activity so some people dont believe in entrapment job of the police is to prevent criminal acts so they shouldnt try doing entrapments2white collar crime recognized by Edwin SutherlandIncludes unfair labour practices paying employees below minimum wage this is middle class crime and different from the street ccrimesbefore 1930 it never crossed anybodys mind that the higher classes also committed crime white collar crime costs the society in billions of dollars compared to street or common crimes the amount of money stolen by white collar crimes is 40 times more than is stolen in common crimeembezzlementstealing money from the company that you work for ex working for a bank and you carry out a plot to steal from the company you work forone man stole 37 cents for each transaction made and this accumulated to millions of dollars and so he sent this money to Rio brazil was this guy caught NO because brazil doesnt extradite him back to America for his crimesextradition uneducated crimes dont bring in as much crimes mugging etc Sutherland looked atcopyright infringementstealing intellectual propertyXerox comes up with a new laser printer coming up with new technology and you steal that technology and sell it to a competitor this is stealing intellectual property stealing somebodys songs pirated movies etc is all copyright infringement price fixing is also a white collar crime price fixing when companies collude cooperate on what prices they will charge for a particular productyou cant do that though the market has to do this not the companiesspies they call these spies moles and he is put into a company and he is spying for another company usually insider trading when you make use of knowledge to profit from the stock market you use insider knowledge you haveharder to catch people with this kind of thingtax evasion forgery fraud having an unsafe workplace selling unsafe products products that poison and potion are all examples of white collar crimescriminal justice system treats white collar crimes more leniently than commonstreet crimes this is because street crimes usually involves violenceken lay Enron engaged in fraud and price fixing but his side kick Jeffrey Skilling was convicted for 25 yearsBurney Eavers Worldcomfraud and embezzlement of company fundsMartha Stewartbeing investigated for insider tradingConrad BlackAmerican prosecutor threw about 40 charges on him and hes now in prison Huge multimillionaire
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